Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Menace of "Politics"!

The purpose of quality education planned, organized, propagated & monitored by the fit and qualified basing ethics & values the better the educational benefits.

Eroding one after the other the very foundation of the very purpose of the government has been the sole and only business of capitalist oriented formulas. The degree of loss already caused can be imagined from every common patriotic citizen’s needs and necessities that the system does not reach. Each day the erosion is increasing, so much so that even the very existence of a functioning government too is under doubt.

As a simple rule, the higher the degree of qualification, the lesser the degree of unethical, immoral, uncorrupts to unpatriotic values.

As a rule the more the fraudulent personalities pops up, survives and last through hooliganism, unruly mobism under the false notion that the majority is always right and that power comes from the people (with no basis, except nos.) the higher the degree of harm to the nation as a whole.

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